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Drug addict scumbag commits 9 counts of Arkancide

Drug addict scumbag commits 9 counts of Arkancide
Vince Foster was subject of one of the most famous Arkancides.

In this world, there are powerful people who intentionally sow division and hatred.

Search the term Arkancide to learn about the many people who died in strange circumstances who had got in the way of the Clintons.

A weirdly-named "Dylann Roof", a charged Suboxone addict, killed 9 people in cold blood in Charleston on 6/17 night. He's a scumbag.

There are strange facts surrounding this. Consider the following facts:

1) Suboxone is a drug that causes susceptibility to suggestion and control.

2) Jeb Bush had an appearance scheduled in Charleston on 6/18 morning.

3) A problem for Hilary Clinton is that black people have not been excited to vote for her, because of the history in 2008 when she ran against Obama, there were a lot of things said, and a lot of people remember. Such racially charged events in the lead-up to the next election benefit the democrats.

4) If Jeb Bush were to win the GOP nomination (a strong possibility, however one might feel about that), he would have a good chance of carrying Florida, because of being governor there.

5) Without Florida, the democrats must win NC and SC, especially NC.

6) NC is a swing state, possibly the most unpredictable of all swing states right now.

7) A state senator was one of the murdered people. This is an unusual outlier point.

8) Obama has not been successful in implementing gun control which is a major priority for democrats.

9) A major democrat priority in gun control is preventing unrecorded person-to-person transfers. Many say this is primarily so they have a backdoor registry of gun owners. The newsmedia is already trumpeting this point.

10) This charged drug addict is said to have got a gun through an unrecorded person-to-person transfer, which is exactly the thing that the democrats are trying to control.

11) The media is playing up the divisive aspects, linking "Dylann Roof" to all white people and playing down the fact that this guy is an outlier drug addict.

In a court of law, all of the above would be considered circumstantial. But huge amounts of motive is evident, and there are a large number of strange things associated with these deaths, which is very characteristic of the list of Arkancides.

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